M.A. Students in Cultural Production

Entering Fall 2007

Lily Brogna. Museum representations; classical archaeology; aesthetic theory.

Leigh Branson. Cultural politics in the Tibetan diaspora; film and other representations of Tibet.

Lori Delucia. Community arts, activism and local empowerment; West Africa, Niger, African immigrants; ethnographic film.

Christine Del Castillo, Arts administration, art museum development (fundraising and event-planning), media literacy, visual culture.

Cathy Draine. Art and community empowerment; African-American fiction, poetry and culture

Amanda Sobel Driver. Politics of memory; museums, memorials, and communities; popular religion; Japan.

Jennier El-Far. Theater, performance and communities; art and peace-building.

Katie Hargrave. Performance art, museums and social transformation; art and community empowerment.

Sage Rogers. Museum politics, popular culture, activism and progressive change; theories of space, dialogic truth.

Alessandra Sabelli. Science, popular culture and social transformations; Japan.

Entered Spring 2007

Fernanda Senatori. Globalization, mass media, cultural diversity.Brazil and Latin America.

Entered Fall 2006

Claire Alexander. Music, culture and nationalism, martial arts; Japan.

Rosella Bahni. Museums, indigenous cultural politics, cultural studies; Philippines.

Kimberly Burk. Music, public art.

Nadia Hemady. Museums, mass culture, manga and anime; Japan.

John Hyland. Cultural poetics, postcolonial literatures.

Adi Grabiner Keinan. Cultural politics of commemoration; culture and education; Israel.

Faris Ahmed Khan. Visuality, queer studies. South Asia and the South Asian diaspora.

Carol Prost. Art and genocide; Holocaust, Cambodia.

Haiyan Ye. Digital technology in the arts, film,visuality; China.