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Let's use this part of the Cultural Production Wiki to share our throughts on current or recent theater and dramatic performances we've attended.


  • Three Penny Opera (Brandeis Theater Company)


The Waiting Room by Lisa Loomer - A dark comedy about the timeless quest for beauty—and its cost.
Spingold Theater, Brandeis, October 12-22, 2006

I went on Friday and it was FABULOUS!!
The timing, acting, lighting, stage set, costumes, and transitions were all really well
done. I'm particularly interested in how women experience their own bodies, and ownership of
them in personal, familial, and wider community and cultural context and WoW does this
play look at all that! Fascinating how they successfully co-mingled issues for women in
early China, Victorian era Europe, and contemporary USA.

9 Parts of Desire

By Heather Raffo
Lyric Stage, 140 Clarendon St. Boston

October 20 - November 18, 2006


Iraqi-American journalist, playwright, and actor Heather Raffo spent eleven years conducting dozens of interviews with a cross-section of Iraqi women, and her resulting play lifts the veil on exactly what it means to be a woman in the age-old war zone that is Iraq. The powerful and heart-breaking stories of survival of these Iraqi women will forever change your view on the politics and people of the Middle East.

Dance Performance of The Thousand Armed Kannon I'm not sure whether this is the place for this, but I found this video on youtube and thought the dancing was amazing. The performers are part of China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe. They are all deaf and mute. Now I am very curious about this troupe. I also found their choice of subject matter (the Buddhist deity Guan yin/Kannon) interesting since it is such an overtly religious representation. --Nadia