Southern Sudanese Women in the Greater Boston Area: A Cultural Documentation Project

The Cultural Production Program at Brandeis University is collaborating with the Sudanese Education Fund, the Southern Sudanese Community Center (Arlington, MA) and the South Sudan Women's Project to document the lives and memories of southern Sudanese women in the greater Boston area. In respectful partnership with local Southern Sudanese women, we seek to document through video and audio their oral histories, as well as their rich traditions of dance, song, ritual performance and oral poetics. We also seek to document oral and written forms of the women's indigenous languages, including Dinka, Shilluk, Nuer, Nuba and Bari.

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This project is in support of the upcoming SEF fundraising gala (May 16, 2009) at the Arlington City Hall, which will feature a theatrical production by Southern Sudanese women representing their own history. For more information about the Gala, please contact Susan Winship, SEF Executive Director, at:

Cultural Production students involved in this initiative include:
  • Atem Aleu
  • Theresa Barbaro
  • Carly Bieterman
  • Amanda Kreklau
  • Becky Lennon
  • Claire Mauro
  • Sharon Newton-Denson
  • Fernanda Senatori
  • Sarah Stephenson
  • Ying Wu

Cultural Production faculty and staff members involved in the project include:
  • Mark Auslander
  • Mangok Bol
  • Ellen Schattschneider