Shubha Mudgal: Residency at Brandeis University. October 15-18, 2008.

MusicUnitesUs/Intercultural Residency Series
(Residency Co-chairs: Judy Eissenberg and Harleen Singh)

Let's use this space to discuss the music and work of Shubha Mudgal, whose performance range spans North Indian classical and popular music genres, from the concert hall to Bollywood. Among other things, we might discuss her commitment to building bridges between the varied religious communities of South Asia.

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Lesson plans on Shubha Mudgal and north Indian classical music will be posted in Fall 2008.


Interview with Shubha Mudgal (for PBS Series, Adventure Divas)

Interview with Shubha Mudgal (with Monsoon's Shikha Malaviya)

Shubha Mudgal's Personal Blog

Shubha Mudgal downloads (via Calabash Music)

Music Reviews of the film "Raincoat" (2004):

Listen to the opening track of "Raincoat," Mathura Nagarapati, on Lord Krishna: