Rose Art Museum Town Meeting

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
6;30-8:00 p.m.

Cultural Production graduate students worked with Rose staff to help plan and implement the Rose Museum's town meeting, an opportunity for community members to reflect upon the proposed closing of the museum and the selling of its collection. Cultural Production students and undergraduates partnered with the artist Steve Miller to develop a creative piece of protest art, ATM: Art Trumps Money, creating small signs located across campus as well as a banner, "ATM," now hanging over the entrance of the museum. Cultural Production students Brian Friedberg and Bryce Peake internet streamed and recorded the town meeting proceedings and uploaded them to YouTube.

YouTube segment 1. (Michael Rush introduction)

YouTube segment 2 (Michael Rush reads letters)

YouTube segment 3 (Prof. Ramie Targoff speaks)

YouTube segment 4 (Artist Steve Miller speaks)

YouTube segment 5 (Comments and questions from audience start)

YouTube segment 6 (Questions)

YouTube segment 7 (Prof. Gordie Fellman comments)

YouTube segment 8 (including exchange between the Mayor of Waltham, Hon. Jeanette McCarthy and Michael Rush)

YouTube segment 9 (start with Alexa Wiliams)

YouTube segment 10 (final questions)

YouTube Commentaries on the Rose Museum

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Noam Gilboord proposes extensive YouTube commentaries on the Rose situation: