Digital Community in a Time of "Quarantine"

Let's use this space for conversations about effective pedagogic methods during a period of potential H1N1-related student quarantines. How in particular can on-line learning environments and new media be deployed to enhance and deepen, rather than limit, our sense of academic community during a potential period of crisis?

Possible topics to discuss:

  • How different are the educational challenges posed by medical short term quarantines from regular distance-learning classes? (For instance, for students who will be back in the classroom environment in a week or two, how important is it that they still be able to engage in classroom style--audio or video--conversation with their peers during classroom hours?)
  • How might we best defuse or dispel the 'stigmatized' dimensions of quarantine, to communicate to quarantined students (and/or faculty) that they remain valued and active parts of our learning community?
  • How to best balance the imperatives for synchronous and asynchronous communication among members of a class?
  • How might we best integrate twitter and short texting into class sessions and out of class time interactions among course members?
  • Should we be regularly videoing and archiving lectures and class discussion? Are degrees of intimacy and trust at all imperiled when seminar style discussion is digitally archived?

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Potential resources or models