Prospect Hill Terrace Initiative

Since 2007, Cultural Production graduate students and faculty have pursued a partnership with the Tenants Association of Prospect Hill Terrace, the largest and oldest public housing development in the City of Waltham. Students have collaborated with tenants in an ethnographic film project on gender and activism, helped to foster a democratic culture of civic engagement, worked to develop a community learning center, and organized specific programs for children, teens and adults in the arts and cultural enrichment.

Cultural Production initiatives at Prospect Hill include:

  • Art and Cultural Immersion Program for 2nd-4th grade students. (Amanda Sobel Driver. Fall 2008)
  • Musical Improvisation for Middle Schoolers. (Bryce Peake, Fall 2008)
  • Video meditations on popular culture for Teens (Brian Friedberg, Fall 2008)
  • Digital Creativity and Performance for Teens (Nadia Hemady, 2008-09)
  • Mariyo Yagi visit to Prospect Hill: Making a Sacred "Nawa" Rope (Spring 2008)
  • Mural and Gardening Projects (Fall 2007)