MUUS Education Program:

Lesson Plan Forum

The mission of MusicUnitesUS is to further the understanding of diverse cultures through music. We believe that music is a common medium that can help to unite diverse cultures in our own neighborhoods and transcend boundaries in the global community.

MUUS Education Program: MusicUnitesUS brings public school students to Brandeis University for a series of diverse music performances that support and extend the public school classroom social studies curriculum. (See for a description of the performances). MUUS develops lesson plans to be used to link the performances to the classroom. These lesson plans are free and downloadable from the MusicUnitesUS website (see The lesson plans are written by the MUUS LP writer in collaboration with Waltham Public Schools teachers.

The purpose of this forum is to share ideas with teachers who have taught or are interested in teaching the lesson plan. What things would you like to see included? What are possible enrichments, extensions, alternatives? How can the plan be more effective? Please participate in our on line conversation about these lesson plans, by clicking on the forum areas below.

If you would like to join this forum, contact MUUS director Judith Eissenberg (