Gender Images in Contemporary Japanese Mass Media

Let's use this space to share and discuss gendered images in contemporary Japanese mass media culture, includng advertisements (CMs).
Please post links to CMs and other media below, and share commentaries by clicking on the "Discussion" tab above.

If time permits, please post a brief description and translation/transcript of the CM next to the hyperlink.

Advertisements (CMs) with Descriptions/Translations.

Docomo (2008) Under the Tree.
Description: Young male and female couple in a park. Under a tree, red petal falls into male's hand. Female (in red dress) says we will always be together, etc. Her voice makes the sound of a mobile phone ringing; young man (wearing eye-glasses) lifts his red mobile phone (keitai) to his ear and answers it. At this point, the viewer sees the female has magically disappeared. Soundtrack: All you need is love.