The Guggenheim Project

(Graduate student and faculty trip to New York City. We will meet in the Guggenheim Museum on Sunday, January 31 at 1:00 p.m.)

An Interactive Art Tour, co-sponsored by the Cultural Production Program,
Master of Arts in Teaching/Education program, and MA Program in Philosophy.

Led by Andreas Teuber of the Philosophy Department who also worked with
London-born, Berlin-based artist Tino Sehgal on his first U. S. project
at the Marion Goodman Gallery in New York: "This Situation" and is working
now again with Sehgal on this new major performance piece curated by the
Guggenheim Museum in celebration of the Guggenheim's 50th Anniversary.

TINO SEHGAL: January 29 - March 10, 2010

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10128

Sehgal constructs situations with people that defy the traditional contexts
of museum and gallery environments, focusing on the fleeting gestures and
social subtleties that define lived experience rather than the material aspects
of conventional art making. His singular practice has been informed by his
studies in dance and economics, yielding ephemeral works that consist only
of the interactions among their participants and are not visually documented. Organized as part of the Guggenheim's 50th-anniversary celebrations, Sehgal's exhibition comprises a mise-en-scène that will occupy the entire Frank Lloyd Wright–designed rotunda. One facet of the artist’s practice, quasi-sculptural choreographed movement, will transform the ground floor of the rotunda into an arena for spectatorship. On the spiraling ramp, another aspect—direct verbal interaction between museum visitors and trained participants—will predominate. Sehgal's works expand the concept of what constitutes a contemporary art object, offering the viewer an immediate engagement with the realization of the work presented.

This exhibition is organized by Nancy Spector, Chief Curator of the Guggenheim, assisted by Nat Trotman, Associate Curator, and Katherine Brinson, Assistant Curator.


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on which Andreas Teuber worked with Tino Sehgal in 2007-08.

PREVIEW: "You Can’t Hold It, but You Can Own It" THE NEW YORK TIMES (2007-08)

"Art can be defined, provocatively, as an intangible quantity that transforms
an ordinary object — a urinal, a soup can, an unmade bed — into something worth
many times more than its material value. Tino Sehgal seeks to isolate precisely
that intangible quantity. His art is completely immaterial; it can be bought
and sold without involving any objects whatsoever." - Anne Midgette, NY Times


"Space can be enlivened and filled with many things, including talk.
For proof, spend a little time in 'This Situation,' the brilliant,
challenging performance piece with which Tino Sehgal is making
his New York gallery debut." - Roberta Smith, NY Times (2007-08)

THE VILLAGE VOICE: "The Talking Lure: In his New York solo debut, global
art-world star Tino Sehgal welcomes you to his situation," (2007-08),sa,78563,13.html

"There are no signs inside Marian Goodman's slightly labyrinthine
midtown space that point toward artist Tino Sehgal's current "exhibition."
This situation. There's no information about it at the front desk.
Nor is there any material on other unique, socially interactive works
that Sehgal has created. But if you wander down the hall to the back
of the gallery, you'll find yourself entering a large, empty room
where . . . " - Alan Gilbert

ICA LONDON: "This Success or This Failure" (2007)

This Success/This Failure ICA LONDON 2007

"Whether dancing museum guards, two people locked in a kiss, someone writhing
on the floor of an empty gallery, or a conversation with a child, Tino Sehgal's situation based pieces can be as enchanting as they are disorientating. For the final part of his trilogy of solo shows at the ICA, Sehgal will present his most recent work, a constantly changing piece, which in its inherent unpredictability
can either be titled This Success or This Failure."

"Well-versed in choreography, critical theory and economics, Tino Sehgal
creates rule-based situations that address the historical relationship
between art institutions and their visitors. His pieces eschew anything
that could traditionally be considered an artistic medium (as well as
visual documentation and reproduction, for that matter), thriving instead
on the contingencies of transient, interpersonal exchange. An ambulatory conversation in This Progress (2006); the entreaty for discussion in This
objective of that object (2004): Sehgal's are surprisingly affective
experiences, which illuminate many of our behavioural norms whilst offering
new modes of engagement. For his last in a trilogy of annual exhibitions
at the ICA, alternatively titled This Success or This Failure (2007), the London-born, Berlin-based artist relinquished the lower gallery to a group
of schoolchildren and invited them to spend each day playing without the aid
of objects. KF caught up with the artist to learn more."

PREVIEW: "This Success/This Failure" KULTURFLASH

"Mr. Sehgal, who lives in Berlin, creates what he calls “staged situations”: interactive experiences that may not even initially declare themselves as
works of art. Take “This Is New,” in which an attendant quotes a museum
goer a headline from that day’s papers: only the visitor’s response can
trigger an interaction that concludes with the work’s title being spoken.
Or “This Success/This Failure,” in which young children at play in an empty
room attempt to draw visitors into their games, and after a certain time
decide themselves whether the result has been a success or a failure."