Comments on Museums, Exhibitions and Installations

Let's use this part of the Cultural Production Wiki to share our reflections on museums and exhibitions and installations on view in the area, or that we have encountered elsewhere.

HoMU, The Homeless Museum, A product of New York City's cultural decline, the Homeless Museum (HoMu) is a budget-and-staff-free, unaccredited arts organization that enables and engages cultural dialogue practiced at the intersection of the arts and homelessness.
Carol's comment on HoMu

Body as Site: Subverting the Icon

IMPACT, Where Culture and Politics Collide, Festival September 12 - October 22, 2006

Louise Bourgeoise, retrospective of her work in fabric, Worcester Art Museum until February 25, 2007
At 95, Louise Bourgeois, who has been making art since the 1940s, continues to be one of the most innovative and influential artists of our time (she has been referred to as “the oldest of young artists”). Her career has spanned Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, feminist art and installation art, but her work always has remained distinct from any singular style or movement.
Carol's comments on Louise Bourgeoise

Of All the People in All the World February 10-25 2007 MassMoca
Called an "art installation/performance piece/statistical study," piles of rice, each grain representing one individual (you!)are arranged according to various statistics vividly showing in an instant proportions that stats all can't portray.
An earlier exhibit 'PlagueNation' focused on epidemics and vaccinations.