"I Sent my Message: Song and the Power of Women in Southern Sudan"

A multimedia installation
Artist: Atem Aleu (Graduate student in the MA programs in Cultural Production & Coexistence)

Dreitzer Gallery
Spingold Theater Building
Brandeis University

Reception and gallery talk: Monday, October 26, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.

This multimedia work incorporates audio and video footage of Dinka women's songs and related ritual performance, emerging out of a series of ruptures, in the marriage process, in the transfer of women from one household to another, and in the remaking of local social worlds in the wake of violent conflict, enslavement and forced migration. The exhibition explores how, in the the midst of pain and loss, Dinka women exercise their creative capacity and agency over the structures and forces that impact upon their lives.

This work will share the Dreitzer Gallery space with the exhibition, Dialogic, by the Sudanese artist Elshafei Dafalla Mohamed, visiting artist in residence at Babson College. Dialogic explores the possibilities of dialogue and understanding across cultural boundaries.